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Police Warning: Do Not Cross This Dream Club Outfit

Wrap your favorite hostess in police tape for 480 Microsoft Points.


The Dream Club hostesses are behind police tape in the latest Dream Club Zero download content.

The name for this latest download outfit is "Keep Out Tape." D3 says that it's meant to look like the police tape you often see in overseas television shows.

Perhaps you've heard of the law that's circling through parliament right now that stipulates download costume pricing must be proportional to the amount of character that's covered. It has yet to pass (and may never pass), so you're going to have to pay a full 480 MSP for a bit of police tape.

The Keep Out Tape outfit will be released on June 21. It will be preceded by "Private Wear" and "Swim Meet Swimsuit" on the 7th.

I believe this is supposed to be the private wear outfit, as I don't think it would work well in a swim meet.

If you think 480 MSP is pricey for a costume, you won't believe the pricing for the game's hairstyles. For 400 MSP, you'll be able to obtain a hairstyle that makes the girl's hair look like she just woke up. There' also a "dumpling" hair style on the way, also at 400 MSP.

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