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This is the second time Nagoshi will be making the rounds promoting Of the End. Shown here, a Tokyo demo event just before the earthquake and the eventual delay.

In case you're stalking Yakuza series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi, here's his E3 schedule, as relayed today at his web log.

Nagoshi will depart from Haneda on the red eye tonight. Flying directly from Tokyo's regional airport Haneda (as opposed to Narita) appears to be a new experience for Nagoshi. This isn't surprising, as Haneda's full international expansion took place only recently.

I'm not sure of Nagoshi's exact departure time from LA back to Japan, but he says he'll arrive in Haneda on the 9th at 5 am, so maybe you can backtrack from there.

The reason Nagoshi is keeping such a tight schedule is that he'll be attending Yakuza Of the End's launch event in Akihabara on the 9th.

But until then, he says he'll be promoting Binary Domain to E3 attendees.

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