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Play as a Stone in New 3DS Download Title from Poisoft


I missed this one in my report from earlier in the day on all the surprise 3DS e-Shop download releases. Poi Soft has what looks like the most bizarre of the bunch: a game where you play as a stone.

In Hyu Stone, you play as a stone that's falling into a well. You control the rock's motion with the stylus, attempting to avoid obstacles as you make your fall. Hit too many things, and the game will end.

There are ten types of stones in the game, including regular stones, gems, and iron balls. These will be unlocked as you play. You'll be able to fall into 10 wells, each with varying obstacles and gimmicks, including trampolines and canons.

The game makes use of Street Pass for ranking data. The rankings show the player's name, the time, and the stone that was used.

Look for Hyu Stone today at the e-Shop, priced ¥500.

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