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Nintendo Unveils Wii U

Successor to Wii features 6.2 inch touch screen. Nintendo highlights 3rd party support.


Nintendo took the veil off its new platform at its E3 press conference today. Attendees were given a first glimpse at the Wii U, a new platform that's due for release in 2012.

Wii U is a successor system to the Wii. The system is capable of full HD resolutions and is fully backwards compatible with the Wii, both with peripherals and software.

Nintendo focused on the system's controller, which features a 6.2 inch touch screen along with all the buttons and inputs one might expect: four shoulder buttons, two analogues, d-pad, accelerotmeter, gyroscope, microphone, inward camera, two speakers and a touch screen.

A trailer showed the controller being used for a variety of control styles. Players could use it to interact with the Wii Fit balance board, aim it at the television and flick shurikens, play multiplayer board games just on the controller itself, video chat, access the internet and beam videos and screens to the television, use the controller as a tablet for making detailed drawings, and draw customized logos for your character in a fighting game (Tekken... see below).

At the press conference, Nintendo showed footage of a number of third party games, including:

  • Darksiders II
  • Dirt (Codemasters)
  • Aliens Colonial Marines (Sega)
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online (Ubisoft)
  • Metro Last Light (THQ)
  • Tekken (Namco Bandai)
  • Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge (Tecmo Koei)

During an interview segment, developers also mentioned Batman's Arkham City and Assassin's Creed. Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello appeared at the event and endorsed the system, referring to the controller as a "breakthrough" and also highlighting the system's HD, online and social capabilities.

As for first party games, the company did not show anything specific aside from Lego City Stories. It did show a clip of a demo referred to as Super Mario Mii, which looks like New Super Mario Bros. but places your Mii in the action.

EA's CEO gives a full endorsement to the Wii U.

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