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Hot Shots Golf Targeted For PS Vita Launch

Producer outlines 3G and Wi-Fi plans for latest take on popular golf series.


PlayStation Portable launched with a Hot Shots Golf game, and it looks like Sony plans on keeping up the tradition for PlayStation Vita. In an interview in this week's Famitsu (via Sokuho), Vita Hot Shots Golf producer Yoshinori Kotsugai and executive producer Daisaku Ikejiri revealed that they're working hard to get the game out in time for the Vita's launch.

Development on Hot Shots Golf Vita (this isn't the official name) started in July of last year, Kotsugai said. They've been able to come so far so quickly because the PSV's specs let them make use of the knowhow they gained from making Hot Shots Golf 5.

Kotsugai wants players to take notice of the game's network support. 3G will be used for uploading ranking data, and for a system where other players' ghost data will appear on your course. For Wi-Fi, the game will have a full visual lobby, where your avatars gather, converse and play against one-another. The game will use a software keyboard to allow for communication.

(Based just off Sokuho's summary, it's unclear if Kotsugai said that 3G will exclusively be used for rank and ghost data or if he said that this will be its main use. You may want to wait for confirmation about what type of online play 3G will support.)

In its preview, the magazine mentioned a few methods through which the game uses the Vita's hardware features:

Gyro Sensor: This is used for camera control. It's also used for the game's "Extra Power Shot." After setting the power of your shot, you tilt the system, then move it back upon impact for a more powerful shot.

Touch, Grab: Using the front touch panel, you can touch your character for a variety of reactions. Using both touch panels, you can grab your character and move it around. You can also touch the animals that you'll find around the course.

Development on the PlayStation Vita version of Hot Shots Golf is currently 50% complete.

You can see the game's E3 trailer here:

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