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Zelda, Little Battle Experience Reviewed in Famitsu

N64 classic deemed a bit less perfect on 3DS.

Ocarina of Time's remake scores favorably with Famitsu's review crew.

Famitsu has shared its opinion on Nintendo's remake of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game received a score of 9, 9, 9 and 10, or just a few points short of the original's perfect rating.

There were only minimal complaints. One reviewer said that the map could be a bit more detailed. The only other thing that could be taken as a complaint was a comment that the game's content is unchanged.

Everything else was praise, including:

  • The game does not feel old
  • Graphics and control have been upgraded
  • The puzzle component is deep
  • Hints help out
  • The slightly difficult balance feels good
  • There are a lot of side offerings
  • The game has such a feeling of completion that you won't think it's a 13-year-old title
  • The user interface, gyro-based gimmicks and immersion from the 3D will get your adventuring spirit pumped

One reviewer said that Zelda gave the best 3D experience amongst all the current 3DS software.

It's hard to believe, but Level-5's Danbol Senki is finally seeing release!

Also reviewed this week was Level-5's long awaited PSP title Danbol Senki, which is possibly known in English as Little Battle Experience, possibly with the X capitalized instead of the E. This scored 9, 8, 8 and 9.

The reviewers praised the the game's 3 on 3 battle system, ease of play, and the anime-like pacing of the story. One reviewer complained about the inability to skip event scenes during battle when retrying (how in the world does something like that make it through testing?).

There were mixed opinions about the game's customization component. One reviewer said that there are too many customization options. One reviewer said that customization is fun, although he did worry about the timing of changing parts, as the parts themselves grow. One reviewer said that because the parts grow, you can continue using a set of parts that you like, but this lessens the need for customization.

The magazine said to expect 30 hours play time to clear the game, and over 200 hours if you dig in deep. It does look like players will get quite a bit out of the game, as Level-5 apparently plans on distributing quests and cards for a full year.

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