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Xenoblade Developer's New Project is Expanding

Monolith seeks additional staff as mystery project grows.


You might recall some news from last year about Xenoblade developer Monolithsoft's hunt for staff to work on a new project of some form. That project appears to be progressing well. The company posted a new notice at its website today stating that the new project is expanding, and as a result they're seeking even more staff.

Regarding specifics on the project, the artwork at the solicitation page, shown above, is currently all we have to go by.

The page is seeking programmers, planners, 3D CG designers, 2D designers, effect designers, motion designers, office staff and system management staff. The 2D designer listing wants people with character and mech design experience. The programmer listing wants people with Havok and shader experience.

In addition to Xenoblade, Monolith developed Baten Kaitos and Xenosaga for Namco Bandai. For Nintendo, they developed Disaster Day of Crisis on Wii and Soma Bringer on DS. They also continue to work with Namco Bandai on such games as Dragon Ball Kai and Super Robot Wars OG Saga.

[via Game Jouhou/N-Wii.net]

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