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I was seriously excited when what thought was "Web Curry" appeared in my RSS today. Finally, someone had made a browser game about curry. Much like Ikki Tousen bunny suits and games with Shenmue in the title, I would make an exception to my rule about no browser games and write about this browser game about curry.

Alas, it wasn't "Curry," but "Kare," as in the Japanese word for boyfriend. They look somewhat similar:


カレー => CURRY

Web Kare is a girls-oriented love simulation SNS (social networking site) from AQ Interactive, a studio that's now owned by Hero 30 Second and Grand Knights History publisher Marvelous Entertainment. Participants in Web Kare experience life in a school with four cool guys. In a social network. I'm not sure how that part fits in.

The reason Web Kare appeared in RSS feed today is because AQ gave the service an update and 4Gamer decided to tell me about it.

New features include "Secret Flower Garden," which allows you to send roses to your digital boyfriends, and "Clothing Room," which lets you make clothing for your digital boyfriends.

Yes, "boyfriends." While you start off Web Kare with just one boyfriend, as you progress in your virtual school life, you'll get into special events and may meet additional boyfriend candidates. This could result in a big "change":

One other exciting new "change" is the game's new changing weather system. Previously, the skies in the world of Web Kare were permanently clear -- even when you and your man fought. Now, the weather will change. It may rain on some days, and sakuras may bloom in some seasons.

If you're interested in seeing what a SNS love simulation site is, visit the Web Kare official site. But please note that your virtual boyfriend will look like one of these:

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