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Level-5 Working on New Gundam Project

CEO Akihiro Hino handling story for "Gundam Age."

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino will be lending his talents to the new Gundam series.

The new Gundam series Bandai was teasing earlier in the week has been revealed through a leak from Coro Coro Comics to be "Gundam Age."

Why is a new Gundam series appearing in a manga magazine? Bandai is making a huge media mix affair out of Gundam Age, with a manga, anime, hobby, card and game component, and Coro Coro is intimately involved.

But Coro Coro isn't the only unexpected participant. The magazine reveals that Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino is handling the story. Level-5 and Coro Coro are working together closely on the project. The two firms have, of course, worked together in the past on the manga versions of Inazuma Eleven and Danbol Senki/Little Battle Experience.

It's unclear if Level-5 has anything to with the game side of the Gundam Age project. Regarding the game, the magazine says that players will take on the role of the Age main character and will fight in a one-hundred year war.

Official announcement of Gundam Age is scheduled for the 13th, so we should get official info soon. For details on how to watch the announcement event, see this story.

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