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Sonic and Nights Creator Yuji Naka Making a Fishing Game


Yuji Naka created Sonic. He created NiGHTS. And now... he's creating a fishing game.

This is Family Fishing, Namco Bandai's new Wii fishing game. In its writeup from from Famitsu yesterday, the always reliable Sokuho@Hokanko said that the game is being produced by Naka.

Don't worry, Naka is also still working on this as far as I know.

(Pictured: Rodea The Sky Soldier)

Family Fishing allows players to fish in resort islands, jungle lakes and other locations. You'll find over 1,000 items, and over 200 fish... including penguins.

Mr. Yuji Naka, you disgust me.

(Unless, of course, the penguins are there just for show, in which case I approve!)

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