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Capcom and Sony Working Together on New Street Fighter x Tekken Feature

Producer Yoshinori Ono discusses new PS Vita feature and other areas of crossover fighter.

While the special PS Vita feature won't be announced until TGS, more SF x Tekken announcements are due from the upcoming Comic-Con event.

Capcom gave PlayStation Vita an early show of support at E3 with the announcement of a version of Street Fighter x Tekken. But it looks like we'll have to wait until September's Tokyo Game Show to see the real potential for the portable version.

At an offsite Sony Computer Entertainment press event on the 9th (as reported at Impress Watch), Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono revealed that Sony and Capcom are working together on a new feature for the Vita version of SF x Tekken. He hopes to show this at TGS.

Ono provided just a few hints about the nature of the feature, saying that that rather than taking place in a closed environment, it will be something that lets you experience the full PlayStation family connected together. He also referred to it as a "new experience."

The Impress Watch article (I'm not sure if this is Ono's statement or just conjecture from the writer) likened the feature to how Capcom worked with Nintendo on Street Fighter IV 3D Edition to expand the 3DS's networking functionality.

Regarding the Tokyo Game Show showing, Ono actually wasn't totally committal about it. He asked that the press in attendance write that he believes they'll be able to show the feature at TGS, as this will end up putting pressure on the developers at Sony Computer Entertainment.

The event was also covered by Famitsu.com and Dengeki Online. They provided a few additional details on SF x Tekken as a whole.

In addition to the Vita version announcement, Ono announced during Sony's conference that Infamous main character Cole would be a playable character in the game. Cole will not be paid download content or something you need to activate. He will be available when you purchase the game. (I'm not sure if he's saying that the character will be available as a default character).

While the Cole character was demonstrated at Sony's conference on PlayStation Vita, Ono confirmed that he will also be appearing in the PlayStation 3 version.

There could be other special characters besides Cole, Ono also said.

Cole in SF x Tekken.

During the Sony press conference, Ono's live demonstration of the Vita version showed him play briefly as Cole. He joked that he was forced to show his unskilled play during the session. For the offsite event, he instead showed more skillful replay data that the staff in Japan had prepared that day.

The PlayStation Vita prototype build of the game uses almost the exact same model and bone data as the PS3 version, Ono revealed. The only differences are in resolution.

Many of the other PlayStation Vita games shown at E3 were said to be launch titles for the system. Capcom would make no such announcement for the Vita version of SF x Tekken for two reasons. First, the Vita version has not reached the state where it is satisfactory as a fighting game. Second, it does not yet have the special feature that will be shown (hopefully) at TGS.

Outside of Cole, Capcom announced four new SF x Tekken characters at E3, but few were surprised because the identities had been guessed from the four teaser videos that had been released in the weeks prior to the show. Ono promised another major announcement for San Diego's Comic Con event, but this time he promised that the teaser video would be extremely tough. He suggested that players attempt to guess the announcement by going through the video frame by frame.

Two of the playable E3 characters were Nina and Kazuya Mishima. Although these characters are from the Tekken side of the game, Capcom did not get Namco Bandai to check their designs. Ono believes the Tekken team might have seen them for the first time in the game's E3 version.

Ono joked that the man in him had wanted to show nudity for Nina, but this didn't happen because he's a gentleman. However, he believes that Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada is not a gentelman, so he won't be so kind when with Chun-Li in Tekken x Street Fighter.

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