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Gust Holding Atelier Meruru Countdown Festival

Ten days of content leading up to the latest Atelier game's release.


You won't need to make a trek out to Akihabara to take part in the latest game "Festa." Gust is holding a Countdown Festa for Atelier Meruru, but the content of the event is strictly online.

Every day leading up to the game's June 23 release, Gust will update the special Countdown Festa site with new content The first item is "Okamura D's Countdown Show," a video hosted by Meruru director Yoshito Okamura. The video provides an introduction to Atelier Meruru, with lots of in-game footage.

You can view the clip here:

The countdown page also has banners for your blog, a daily illustration, and goods offers, including a life-size Meruru standee!

Be sure and check out the countdown page daily!

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