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Deathsmiles iPhone Trailer 2 & Screenshots

iPhone version of Cave shooter gets new scenario, new music and new illustrations.


Cave has provided an update on the iPhone version of Deathsmiles, its latest mobile "danmaku shooting" game that was first announced back in January.

Check out the game's second promotional video here:

The iPhone version of Deathsmiles includes the arcade original and a new iPhone mode which features new character Tiara, Princess of Gilverado, whose mission is to defeat an evil witch group that haunts the kingdom.

Manga illustrator Yukinatsu Mori has created new character designs for the iPhone version. These are based off the original designs from series character illustrator Junya Inoue. Takeshi Miyamoto (Muchi Muchi Pork, Pink Sweets, etc.) is working on the music for Tiara's quest.

Cave did not share a final release date for the game, but did say that it's coming soon.

Princess Tiara

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