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Rhythm Evangelion: First Look

What happens when Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture make an Eva game? Find out through these first screens!


Famitsu.com has provided its expected first look at Rebuild of Evangelion Sound Impact. In case you missed the big news yesterday, Grasshopper Manufacture, Suda 51, Kazutoshi Ida and Akira Yamaoka are developing this rhythm-action PSP game that's based off the Eva movie series.

The screens below show the six types of included games, from top to bottom: Apostle Session, Hex, AT, Call of Fourteen, Number 5/Beastie Girl and Teardrop. It's not really clear what you do in these games, but you can read some details here.

Also in the Famitsu.com story is a look at the game's three packages. As previously detailed, the game will be released as game-only (¥6,280), Soundtrack Edition (¥8,380) and Special Version (¥11,530). The Soundtrack Edition includes a the game's soundtrack and a sleeve case and will be produced only through December 2011. The Special Version includes the soundtrack, a t-shirt, a specially made set of Audio Technica earphones, and a special box.

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