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Namco's Next Arcade Revival is Aero Cross

First trailer and screens for the modern revival of arcade classic Metro Cross.


The next entry in the Namco Generations retro revival series (Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Galaga Legions DX) is Aero Cross, a new take on 1985's classic arcade title Metro Cross.

Namco Bandai provided a first look today at the PlayStation 3/PSN and Xbox Live Arcade download title. The basic concept of running to the goal remains the same as in the original Metro Cross, but as you can see in the screens, the game has evolved greatly in the visual departments, and also includes mechanics like "slip stream" and "air combo." You can select from male and female runners.

For a closer look at the game, view the trailer Namco Bandai shared today below. We've also included a few screens from the original Metro Cross just so you can compare how far the visuals have advanced.



METRO-CROSS (1985 original)

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