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PlayStation Move monkey stripping game gets a trailer

Control a monkey and strip international girls of their clothing.

A 3,000 polygon diet in just 90 seconds! Dancing Eyes is still coming to PlayStation Move.

There were some reports a while back that Namco Bandai had cancelled the PlayStation Move revival of Dancing Eyes, the 1996 arcade puzzle action game where you control a tiny monkey who strips girls of their clothing. Thankfully, the reports were false. The new Dancing Eyes is still on the way, and Namco Bandai shared a new trailer for it today.

Be sure and watch beyond the guy in the monkey head suit, as there is a bit of gameplay at the end.

While the trailer shows a glimpse of just one girl, the game will have multiple girls, each speaking their mother tongue. The official site mentions Musaki Kikka (Marina Inoue), Francoise Mystere (Helena Cardona) and Cristia Saietta (Lisa Fiori).

Dancing Eyes is being released as part of the Namco Generations lineup of retro revivals. The lineup also includes Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, Galaga Legions DX and, more recently, Aero Cross.

Simple controls for for making your monkey move.

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