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PSP Weiss Schwarz Includes Second Game

Namco Bandai announces a final release date and some sweet bonus goods.


Namco Bandai announced today a November 23 release date for Weiss Schwarz Portable, a PSP game based off the popular Weiss Schwarz trading card series.

The PSP adaptation will be available in standard and limited editions. The standard version runs ¥6,800 and includes a copy of the game, a special booklet and a special box. You'll be able to select between Weiss and Schwarz versions for this set.

The limited edition runs ¥10,480 and adds a PR card set (the cards can be actually used in the Weiss Schwarz card game), a bonus PSP game called Weis Schwarz Fighting Arena, a set of four play mats, and a set of sixty sleeves. The limited edition is also available in Weiss and Schwarz versions. The two versions have differences in the bonus item designs.

All versions of the game will include an item download card as a pre-order bonus.

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