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A coupla new Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots

Plus, what does producer Yoshinori Kitase have to say about new hero Noel?


I think these Final Fantasy XIII-2 screenshots from Famitsu.com may be new:

Even if they aren't completely new, they do have Japanese text, which would make them partially new. All the E3 pics -- even the ones distributed to the Japanese press -- had English text.

See Famitsu.com for a few additional Japanese language pics.

In other Final Fantasy XIII-2 news, in a recent Impress Watch interview, producer Yoshinori Kitase highlighted some of the differences between new main character Noel and the guy whose chick he seems to be poaching, Snow.

Different from the tough guy type in Snow, Noel is "Ikemen" and stylish, says Kitase. "Ikemen" is the word used to describe an attractive guy. You know all those Arashi guys who keep on ruining the Zelda ads? They're ikemen.

Kitase also refers to Noel as the first orthodox hero the series has seen in a while. You're going to have to figure out what he means by "orthodox."

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