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Devil Survivor 2: Meet Tico and Tico

Your guides to the dead face video site Nicaea. Plus, check out the Tuesday invader!


Famitsu.com introduces us today to two major character from Devil Survivor 2, the DS sequel to a game that's being remade for 3DS.

Meet Tico and Tico:

One is a guy, one is a girl (you can probably tell which is which).

The two Ticos serve as your guides to "Nicaea," a "dead face delivery site" that's currently running in beta. Nicaea is a rumored site that shows you movies of your friends at death.

You encounter Nicaea in the fall of your third year in high school. As you're returning from your practice college entrance exams, you receive a message from Nicaea saying "A dead face video has been uploaded to Nicaea." Open up the link, and you find that yours is the face that's dead!

Your friends Io and Daichi (two characters we've previously introduced -- see this story) get similar e-mails. Somehow, all three of you have had your dead faces uploaded to Nicaea, which apparently means you're dead. You next find yourself in the subway. When you come to, you see a shocking sight. (No, Famitsu.com does not say what that sight is.)

As you play through Devil Survivor 2, you'll periodically get e-mails from Nicaea announcing new dead face uploads. These will also serve as hints on how you can help your friends.

How this whole dead face thing will fit in with the rest of the game is unclear at present. The background story of Devil Survivor 2, as originally announced, centers on invading creatures known as the Septentrion. One new Septentrion invades an area of Japan each day of the week.

Joining the looks at Tico, Tico and Nicaea, Famitsu.com provided a look at Fekda, the Tuesday Septentrion that's capable of controlling the wind.

The Devil Survivor 2 packaging. Atlus provided the artwork yesterday.

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