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Resident Evil Revelations Official Site Opens

Jill and Parker greet you at the new official site.


One of the two characters at the newly opened Resident Evil Revelations official site should be known to even casual Resident Evil players. Yes, that is Jill Valentine, although she does look a bit different than what we're used to seeing.

The character behind her is not some fancy new design for Chris Redfield, though. That's Parker Luciani, recently revealed to be Jill's new partner. According to the site, Luciani moved to the BSAA counter bioterrorism organization from a different organization following some unspecified incident.

Although Parker is a relatively new announcement, the background story is the same as when the game was first announced. Jill and Parker have come to a luxury ship cruise ship turned ghost ship in search of Chris Redfield, who's gone missing.

There are just two gameplay systems mentioned at the official site at present:

Perspective Change
You can play the game as either FPS type or behind-the-back third person shooter type.
Item Scan
Make use of your new "bio scanner" device to scan for hidden items. There are some hints that something will happen when you aim the device at enemies.

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