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Young VS Old Rorona -- You Decide!

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The Atelier development staff has made their opinion clear: they don't want Arland sub series' main character Rorona getting too old.

Now you can let your voice be heard. Visit Gamespot Japan to vote on your preference of big Rorona or little Rorona.

The big Rorona, to the left, is the character as she appears in Atelier Totori, the second game in the Arland series. In that game, she appears as teacher to main character Totori. She's 22-years-old in that game.

The little Rorona, to the right, is the character as she appears in Atelier Meruru, the third game in the series, set for release later this week. While Meruru takes place after Totori, Rorona appears in child form for some as yet unexplained reason.

Vote on your favorite Rorona by clicking the green buttons in the Gamespot article. You'll be prompted to connect with Twitter.

Rorona with mom and dad.

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