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3DS Television Service Begins Tomorrow

Nintendo teams up with Fuji TV and Nippon TV for daily programming downloads.

Launching a program from the Spot TV app.

Nintendo has teamed up with Fuji Television and Nippon Television to bring downloadable television programs to the 3DS. The service, named "Itsu no Ma ni Terebi" will kick off tomorrow.

"Itsu no Ma Ni Terebi" has similar naming to the Japanese Spot Pass service. Although Nintendo hasn't announced an English name for the Japan-only service, we'll unofficially write it as "Spot TV."

Spot TV uses the system's Spot Pass feature to automatically download 3D video content to your 3DS. The content is all original, produced for the 3DS by the two television companies. Although the content is free, it is accompanied by advertisements.

By keeping your 3DS system's Spot Pass feature turned on, you'll get daily updates from the Spot TV service. The schedule Nintendo announced today includes:

Nittele Doubutsu de Calendar
An animal program showing animals in 3D. Delivered daily.
Tetsu View 3D
A train program designed for train buffs, complete with introductions to trains and train stations. Delivered daily.
[dt]Magic Class 3D[/dt]
This program shows magic tricks from famous magicians. Delivered daily.
Idoling Sumo 3DS
A popular girls group takes on a variety of challenges, all apparently in the form of battle (like sumo wrestling). Delivered daily.
Nikkan Topics
An information program. Delivered daily.
3D Choukoku no Mori
A look at sculptures from an outdoor sculpture museum in Hakone. Delivered every weekday.
Enjoy Sport
A sports program from Fuji TV. Delivered on Saturday an Sunday.

In order to access the television content, you'll need to first download the "Itsu no Ma ni Terebi" app from the Nintendo e-Shop. This will be available for free.

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