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Success Opens Portal Just For Moe Fans

Be amongst fellow Moe fans, and maybe find out what Moe is too.


Do you know Moe? I mean do you really know it? Like if someone asked you to tell them what Moe is in 20 words or less, and phrase your response in the form of a question, would you be able to do it?

If you're into Moe enough to know what Moe is, Success's new portal site Moetopia is made for you.

Moetopia will offer social networking features, games, news, digital books, sales and more, all themed around Moe. The site's business model is item-based, meaning basic use and play will be free

Registered members will receive a cute avatar. A silhouette of the avatar's prototype can be seen at the top of the site right now. It was created by Blade, character designer of Enterbrain's Magician's Academy and Konami's Busou Shinko.

The site will hold an official beta from the end of July through early August. If you don't know what Moe is, perhaps visiting Moetopia around that time will provide some answers?

It's just a silhouette, but man is it Moe! (Note: the author of this article admits to not knowing was Moe is, so if his usage of the term Moe is incorrect, feel free to correct him.)

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