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Hori's Mystery Product Is a Controller

Hori Pad 3 has turbo and patent pending adjustablities.


Remember that countdown site Hori opened last week? It reached zero a few days back, revealing the mystery product to be something disappointingly sensible.

This is the Horipad 3 Pro, the new PlayStation 3 entry in the Hori Pad series of controllers. Features include:

  • Three levels of turbo (5/12/20 times per second)
  • Three analogue stick sensitivities (normal, narrow and wide)
  • Adjustable d-pad angle and depth (patent pending!)

Controllers actually fall under my "hell no I ain't writing about that" policy, so for more detailed specifications see Hori's product page.

The Hori Pad 3 will be available in black, blue and red varieties on July 21, priced ¥2,980.

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