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Cave Readying Extremely Lengthy Instant Brain Demo

Play the game's full first chapter... in a few months.


Cave's Makoto Asada, known for his shoot-em-ups, is making an adventure game. Skeptical about his abilities with a genre that doesn't have quite as many bullets? Then you'll want to try out the upcoming demo!

In a post at the game's development blog this weekend, Asada revealed that a demo is being readied for the game. The demo will include the game's full first chapter and will offer three to four hours of play time.

The goal with the demo, says Asada, is to show that there's more to the game than just reading text. You make use of a special camera called "Exposure" to take pictures. These pictures are used in the game's deduction mode as you attempt to solve the mystery at hand.

Instant Brain is still without a release date. So is the demo, but Asada said to expect it in a few months, ahead of the game's release.

Asada also shared a screenshot of the game's opening movie. The opening runs 90 seconds.

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