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Nintendo Bundles Red Wiimote Plus With Twelve Mini Games

Wii Play successor due out in July.


One of the most popular early Wii titles was Wii Play, which bundled a Wiimote with a low price collection of mini games. Nintendo is resurrecting that bundle idea for the Wiimote Plus.

The new Wiimote Plus Variety Pack includes a red Wiimote Plus controller and a collection of 12 mini games. The bundle will be released on July 7, priced ¥4,800.

The pricing makes this into a Wii Play-like value. A Wiimote Plus on its own normally costs ¥3,800, making this the equivalent of getting a game for just ¥1,000.

The 12 included mini games are:

Ice Cream Challenge
Hold the Wiimote like a cone and attempt to keep your ice cream scoops from falling. Supports two player cooperative play.
Ishi Nage Mizu Kiri
Toss the Wiimote Plus at a pond like a stone. Playable by four players competitively.
Umbrella Rider
Hold an umbrella to fly across a race course. Adjust the Wiimote Plus to attract the most wind. During two player play, you can get in the way of your opponent.
Treasure at the Bottom of the Sea
Attempt to gather treasure from the bottom of the sea. Hold the Wiimote Plus horizontally and rotate it to pull a rope, raising your character up. In two player cooperative mode, you'll need to keep balance.
Ball and Seesaw
Hold the Wiimote Plus like a seesaw, and bounce a ball to strike various objects in the stage. In two player play, you compete for score.
A four player version of whac-a-mole.
Pose Mii Plus
Turn your Wiimote Plus to make your Miis fall cleanly through holes.
360 Degree Shooting
Aim at the screen and shoot enemies. You can also follow targets that move off screen.
Jumping Land
Your Miis are jumping about the stage. Use the Wiimote to change their direction and gather treasure while advancing them to the goal.
Ghost Mansion
Attempt to catch ghosts who've moved off the screen. When you aim your Wiimote, it will make a sound indicating if the ghost is in your current direction. Use that as a guide to the ghost's position.
Fuwatto Balloon
Use the Wiimote to make the wind blow and guide a set of balloons to the goal. Compatible with two player competitive play.
Docking Station
Control a space ship to move parts into sockets on a space station.

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