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Square Enix CEO Fields Shareholder Questions

Questions about Mana and Saga revivals, PSN downtime losses, and Dragon Quest casinos.


Do you want to attend Square Enix's annual shareholder's meeting? All you need is 100 shares of stock. At current stock rates (¥1,350 per share), that's about 150 bucks.

In exchange for a day of listening to Yoichi Wada answer questions, you'll walk home with some sweet parting gifts, including a Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy clear file, some Square Enix post cards, and a Sephiroth aroma candle:

(Some people are saying it's actually a Cloud aroma candle... maybe there are two types?)

Given the low price of admission, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Wada gets a few... silly questions. (I'm actually thinking of another word, but I'll leave it as "silly.").

The big news from this year's shareholder meeting, as reported here earlier, is that Wada said Square Enix is looking into making Dragon Quest X compatible with Wii U. Read about that story here.

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada.

Here are a few other bits from the meeting, as summarized at this blog (which also provided the above parting gift image).

Q: Do you have plans to release titles that were once popular?
A: Wada noted that the new Tomb Raider does not have a number attached to it. This is because Square Enix is looking into reviving a number of titles. They're always investigating how to "reboot" past titles.
Q: Are there plans to release a new Mana game?
A: Wada said that Square Enix will be doing ports of Mana and Saga titles, but there are no plans at present to release a completely new entries/series.
Q: Are there plans on making a real life casino like the casino in Dragon Quest (I told you some of the questions were silly!)
A: Square Enix is releasing games like Battle Road in arcades, but there are no plans for an actual casino.
Q: How much did Square Enix lose due to PSN's downtime? Will you seek compensation from Sony?
A: PSN-related earnings losses were in the hundreds of millions of yen, but specifics are not clear at present. While they expect consultations with Sony, they don't expect something like compensation.
Q: Front Mission's reviews were terrible
A: Wada replied that he sees all the reviews at Amazon and in magazines. He believes they should have worked harder on the game.
Q: How will Square Enix use social networks for promotions to reach fans?
A: Square Enix feels that it has at last gotten the hang of producing games for social networks. It hopes to release its IP content on social networks from this year.

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