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This week's issue of Weekly Famitsu has a big feature on PS3's Saint Seiya Senki, but you won't have to pick up the magazine for a first look. Check out Famitsu.com for a bunch of screens from this first HD adaptation of the anime and Jump manga.

Developed by Dimps and produced by Akira Sanoe, Saint Seiya Senki gives you control of the likes of Cygnus Hyoga, Dragon Shiryu, Andromeda Shun, Pegasus Seiya and Phoenix Ikki. Unfortunately, neither Famitsu.com nor Weekly Famitsu shared gameplay specifics aside from what appears to be obvious in the screens: you'll be facing off against multiple enemies on the battle field. The game is described in Weekly Famitsu as "Cinematic Melee Action."

A first trailer is scheduled to be released later today, so we should get a better idea of how the game plays shortly. Weekly Famitsu listed the game as being 60% complete with release due for this Fall.

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