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Photo Girlfriend: Little Sister Rabbit Power

Kadokawa's girlfriend stalking sim just got weird.


When Photo Girlfriend hits retail, you're probably going to want to get in and out of the shop as quickly as possible so that you can start virtually stalking your digital girlfriend. Be sure and commit the box art to memory in advance for maximum efficiency.

If you somehow forget the pink heart logo or the big busted schoolgirl on the front (some girls do develop early), just look for the box with the "Dingo" on it.

Photo Girlfriend is a photography-themed love sim from developer Dingo and publisher Enterbrain/Kadokawa Games. The game includes over 500 events, all fully voiced, and the new "Biorhythm Matching Conversation" system. Your goal is to confess your love to one particular girl two months after the game's start.

As you walk through the grounds of Kouga Academy, you'll get into conversations with the game's heroines. If your conversation with a girl heats up, you'll be able to go into Photo Session mode to take her picture using the camera your dad gave you on the final day of summer break.

The photos can be saved to Memory Stick to aid prosecutors when you're arrested.

Shown below are the game's six heroines and one little sister.

The little sister -- that is to say, the little sister of the invisible main character you're playing as -- is named Kanon. She was deemed important enough that Kadokawa is including a Puchi Nendoroid version of her with the game's first print run.

This is where things get just a bit weird. Photo Kano has an in-game manga and anime called "Moon Witch Pretty Rabi." Pretty Rabi is a character from that virtual anime. For some reason, the main character pictures Kanon, his little sister, transforming into Pretty Rabi:

(The "Rabi" is short for Rabbit, I think.)

From what I understand, Pretty Rabi is supposed to help the main character achieve a real life love miracle via her special "Usa Power" (I could be wrong, but "Usa" may be short for the Japanese word for rabbit). Using Usa Power, you can control some of the random elements of the game, forcing a girl to appear in a particular location or wear a particular piece of clothing, for instance.

Little sisters are good for something!

To make sure you know all there is to know about Photo Girlfriend, you'll want to pick up the Photo Girlfriend Plus Box, a ¥3,980 accessory set. Due for release on 9/29, this includes a pouch, a dress up card set (I have no idea...), a rubber strap, and a drama CD called "Prologue Message With Special Drama: My childhood friend is my little sister, my little sister is my childhood friend" (that's much more succinct in Japanese).

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