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Xenoblade Developer Making Wii U Game

Monolithsoft reveals mystery project to be for Nintendo's next generation hardware.


Xenoblade developer Monolithsoft has revealed that it is developing a Wii U game. The studio updated its job solicitation page today with notice that it is seeking staff to work on a project for Nintendo's next generation hardware.

This actually isn't the first we've heard about this mysterious project from Monolith, although it is the first time the Wii U name has been associated with the game. The studio has been seeking staff for a new project since last year. Back in June, it updated the employment page, stating that the mystery project was expanding.

Positions mentioned at the recruitment page are mostly unchanged from then. The studio is seeking programmers (those with Havok and Shader experience), planners, 3D CG artists, 2D designers (those with character and mecha design experience), effect designers, motion designers, and office staff.

Monolithsoft is the developer of Xenoblade and Disaster Day of Crisis. The studio is a subsidiary of Nintendo, but has also worked with Namco Bandai on a number of projects. The recruitment page does not say if the new game is set to be published by Nintendo or another publisher.

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