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Sony Issues Notice About Continued Japanese PSN Delay

More time required to make adjustments to service.


When I get home later today I'm going to power up my PS3 and download the demo Sega released today for Sonic Generation. I can do this because I'm in America.

Gamers in Japan aren't so lucky, as the Japanese PlayStation Store continues to remain offline. And it looks like it's going to stay that way for the time being.

Sony broke about two weeks of silence regarding the Japanese PlayStation Network and Qriocity services today, but it did not have much to say. A brief notice apologized for the long wait but said that more time is needed to make adjustments with the various related parties. The notice did not provide an estimate on when full service will be restored.

Sony's brief message about the Japanese PlayStation Network service.

If the restoration date comes after July 12, the Sonic Generations demo is going to disappear, so Sonic fans may want to arrange a weekend trip to Korea or Hong Kong.

Sony's notice did not specify who the "related parties" are, but past reports from Nikkei and other sources suggested that Sony may be attempting to comply with requests from the Japanese government and credit card companies.

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