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Border Break 2.5 Hits Arcades Next Week

Sega's 10 vs 10 arcade mech game gets some major new features in latest update.


Sega is giving its 10 vs 10 arcade mech game Border Break Air Burst a big update. Version 2.5 of the Ringedge-based title hits arcades on June 29 with a bunch of new features.

In addition to new maps and Blast Runners (that's the game's fancy name for mechs), the update adds a new element called Daikoubousen, or Big Offensive and Defensive Battle. Here, players split into offensive and defensive teams. The defensive team attempts to protect a "core" from being destroyed by the offensive team.

Also new for version 2.5 is an "emblem" customization element. You can now edit emblems to place on your Blast Runners. Sega also says that collaborative emblems will be offered.

Have a look at a few screens from the update here.

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