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Big Senran Kagura Announcements Coming Next Month

Watch as Marvelous announces the latest details on the busty 3DS action title.


Marvelous Entertainment announced today that it will be holding a press conference for busty 3DS ninja action game Senran Kagura. The event will be held on July 3 in Akihabara, and while it's press-only, everyone will be able to watch through a live broadcast at Nico Nico Video.

Major happenings promised for the event include:

  • Game introduction by producer Kenichiro Takaki, complete with lots of development secrets
  • First showing of the game's opening animation and theme song
  • Announcement of an original PR unit in the image of the game (oh my!)
  • Various other collaboration announcements

To watch the broadcast visit the official site or Nico Nico at 15:30 on July 3.

We're still waiting on details about Senran Kagura's combat system.

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