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Phantom Kingdom Due For PSP; Disgaea 4 Update Set for PS3


This week's issue of Dengeki PlayStation has some big news for Nippon Ichi fans. The usual early magazine leak sources are reporting the following two title reveals:

Phantom Kingdom
A PSP port of the like-named PS2 title. This will have added scenarios for the Varbatose and Fenrihi characters. A release is set for 9/22.
Disgaea 4: Fuuka and Desco-hen Hajimemashita
This PS3 title appears to be an append disc for Disgaea 4, similar to the Raspberyl offshoot for Disgaea 3. It will have four chapters and will be offered at retail for ¥4,179 and in download form for ¥2,000. A release is set for 10/27.

Update 19:23 -- A more detailed summary of the Dengeki article has popped up. There's no mention of the Varbatose and Fenrihi scenarios in Phantom Kingdom, so that information may have been incorrect.

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