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More Atelier Meruru Magazine Covers

Wedding Meruru and friends! Plus, a few bits from Gemaga's continued coverage.


With Atelier Meruru now out, I'm running out of things to write about it... which is why I was please to find some more artwork! Check Meruru on the cover of two magazines, Dengeki PlayStation and Gemaga.

The Gemaga wedding dress Meruru artwork was shown before, but I think the Dengeki PlayStation artwork is new.

There are a couple of bits of Atelier Meruru information from Gemaga. The September issue of the magazine will include a download content code that will let you change the game's option screen.

Also, Gemaga reports that Gust has decided upon the final form of the previously announced Atelier series art book release. This will be available at ¥3,990 in standard form and at ¥6,500 for a Gust Shop limited edition that includes a B2 tapestry.

We should find out what Meruru sold in its first week tomorrow when Media Create's sales are released. Retailers reported initially solid sales last week, but without specifics of course.

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