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Rune Factory 3DS, new Gundam PSP, new Dynasty Warriors and more in this week's Famitsu

From Rune Factory 3 on 3DS. The Rune Factory series most recently appeared on PS3 and Wii through Rune Factory Oceans.

Here are a few early bits that have leaked out of this week's Famitsu.

Marvelous is working on Rune Factory 4. The next entry in the RPG-themed Harvest Moon title (or is it the other way around?) is coming to 3DS.

In other 3DS news, the magazine lists a September 1 release date for Devil Survivor Over Clocked. This 3DS title is a remake of the first Devil Survivor and is not to be confused with Devil Survivor 2, which is due for release on July 28.

PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can look forward to the home version of The King of Fighters XIII on October 27. Billy Kane will appear as an original character for the home, making his return to the series for the first time since KOF2003.

Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends is due for PS3 release on September 29. This latest entry in the Xtreme Legends series, or Moushouden as it's known in Japan, will feature Legend Mode and Challenge Mode. It will also include three new playable generals.

Ratchet & Clank All 4 One is confirmed for Japanese PS3 release this week. The magazine lists a general 2011 time frame.

Finally, a new Gundam game. Namco Bandai is readying Kidou Senshi Gundam: Shin Gihren no Yabou for PSP. The subtitle, which translates to New Gihren's Ambition, would indicate that this is a new version of the Gihren's Ambition strategy series, but no further details are available at present.

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