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Wii Dragon Quest Collection Includes Dragon Quest X Footage

Our first look at DQX will come in September at the latest.

Square Enix has some big things planned for Dragon Quest's 25th anniversary.

We haven't gotten a look at Dragon Quest X yet. But that's going to change by September at the very latest.

Square Enix announced a final release date and price for Wii's Dragon Quest Collection today. The compilation will arrive on September 15, priced ¥4,440.

Dragon Quest Collection is a compilation of the first three Dragon Quest games. The disc actually includes five games, the first three DQ games in their original Famicom form, and and the Super Famiciom Dragon Quest I&II and Dragon Quest III remakes.

Perhaps bigger news than the release date is one of the bonus goodies: a bonus video clip for Dragon Quest X! The DQX video will be included on the main game disc.

Although Dragon Quest X was announced for Wii a couple of years back, we've yet to see any footage of it. Square Enix hasn't even shown a logo. With the promise of bonus footage with the compilation, we'll presumably be getting our first look at the game (unless the folks at Square Enix decide to be jerks and just show live action footage of some guy in a Slime suit talking about the game).

Square Enix's announcement did not provide specifics on DQX beyond this, only saying that the game is currently in development.

The DQX clip isn't the only bonus. In addition to the special box shown in the below images, the bundle also includes the following:

Famicom Shinken Guide Reprint
A reprinting of a classic guides for DQI, II and III, totaling 130 pages. This was produced with the cooperation of Shueisha. The content is unchanged from the original versions.
"Small Medal" Recreation
A recreation of a classic DQ series item. This will be included only as a first print run bonus.
Dragon Quest Art Collection
This collection has artwork and development materials. It will be included on the game disc.
25th Anniversary DQI, II and II Opening Anime
This will show when you load up the game disc. The newly produced animation is from Kamikaze Douga, which also did the animation for Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory.

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