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Capcom Developing New Online PC Game

Eight versus eight battles, and giant beasts! First details on Ixion Saga.

Capcom's current major online title, Monster Hunter Frontier Online.

A couple of months back, Capcom registered a trademark for something called "Ixion Saga." The mystery product is revealed in this week's Famitsu to be a new online PC game.

Ixion Saga is an eight versus eight combat game where players make use of swords, guns and magic for the battle. Players form "unions" with other players, and create a character with default types Striker, Caster and Blaster. These types respectively have sword, magic and heavy firearms as their weapons.

In addition to team on team battle, it appears that the game will also have giant monsters.

Famitsu doesn't actually appear to have too much on the game for this initial reveal. However, the wait for more details shouldn't be long, as the game's alpha test will kick off on July 28. The alpha test will be open to 5,000 players.

Ixion Saga is due for release in Summer 2012.

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