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Nintendo's Iwata Asks interview columns always begin with a section where CEO Satoru Iwata introduces the people he's going to be interviewing. The introduction section for the Wiimote Plus Variety Pack column is extremely long owing to the all-star development staff Nintendo assembled to work on the game.

Just at a glance, I see Sonic masterminds Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima there. Oshima's company Arzest headed up work on the Jumping Land, Ice Cream Challenge and Ghost Mansion mini games. Naka's company Prope headed up work on the 360 Degree Shooting game.

Naka and Oshima. Oshima designed the Sonic character.

There was a bit of drama between Naka and Oshima during the game's development. Prope originally submitted a plan that was rejected. It was rejected because it resembled the Arzest's Ghost Mansion submission, and Ghost Mansion ended up getting the okay.

[Via Hachimaki]

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