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Devil Survivor Over Clock Date Official

Atlus finally gives the 3DS remake an official site, with a couple of video clips.


Atlus has formally announced the September 1 Devil Survivor Over Clock release date that leaked out of Famitsu yesterday. The 3DS remake of the original Devil Survivor will carry a ¥6,279 price.

The game was also given a full official site with story and character details, and a section detailing what's new with the game.

The new elements mentioned at the site include a switch to full voice, with over 20,000 lines -- the most in Atlus history, as previously announced -- and the addition of an "eighth day" scenario that will have great volume and even new demons. You can sample some of the voices through brief video clips in the site's Over Clock section.

More new elements will be announced later, the site promises.

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