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Love Sim Time Leap Goes 3D on PS3

Prototype bringing PC and Xbox 360 title to PS3 with some new tech.

Now in 3D!

Prototype is bringing its PC and Xbox 360 love sim Time Leap to the PlayStation 3. But this isn't just a pure port. The game is being upgraded to support stereoscopic 3D. That's right, console love sims are going 3D!

Time Leap was first released on the PC as an adult title through Frontwing in December 2007. Different from many visual novel style games, the characters in Time Leap are rendered in full 3D. Prototype ported the game to the Xbox 360 in June 2009, minus the adult elements of course.

The PS3 version will be based off the cleaned up Xbox 360 version. In addition to the stereoscopic 3D support, the PS3 version adds a new scenario and new event scenes.

PS3 owners can look forward to a 3D love sim this Fall, priced at ¥6,720. You'll find a few screenshots from the PS3 version at Famitsu.com.

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