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I'll take one giant Atelier Meruru wedding dress clock, please.


When I first heard that Gust was releasing a giant clock showing Atelier Meruru in a wedding dress, I immediately pictured a grandfather clock and was... confused.

Actually, the giant clock is a "panel clock" that's covered in a cloth showing the Atelier Meruru wedding dress artwork that was featured on the August issue of Gemaga. The clock component is next to Meruru's face. The whole thing stands 75 x 35 x 2.5 cm, which makes me wonder if it will actually stand at all.

Giant wedding dress Meruru clock can be yours for ¥10,500, but only if enough people pre-order it to send it into production. Pre-orders are being taken through August 7 here.

In other Atelier Meruru news, here's a tiny glimpse inside Dengeki PlayStation's coverage of the game this issue, complete with that sweet new artwork that's on the magazine's cover. Don't bother clicking on this, as it won't get any bigger. :(

(Yes, that's a sad face.)

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