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More Disgaea 4 download content on the way... once PSN stops being such a jerk.


Sony and most of its third parties have stopped issuing Japanese announcements about PlayStation Store pending the shop's return. But not Nippon Ichi! They keep on telling us about Disgaea 4 content we'll be getting once the store comes back to life. Maybe they're under contract?

A couple of days back, we shared a gallery showing the game's second round of DLC, which will hit whenever PS Store is restored. See it here.

Today, Nippon Ichi sent out details on round 3, which is also due whenever PS Store is restored. You can see the gallery for round 3 here.

Highlights include:

Toro's Bow, the third collaboration with Sony's Weekly Toro Station.

Character Niji Ranger, a group of seven sentai heroes from past Disgaea games. Once you get Niji Red, you can use the game's character make feature to make the other colors.

And, the third custom theme, showing Niji Ranger.

The custom theme wil be available for free... assuming you can connect to PSN.

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