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Yasumi Matsuno Formally Announces Level-5 Move

Tactics Ogre creator says he's working on a small title out of Level-5's Tokyo office.


Yasumi Matsuno's surprise move to Level-5 was revealed in Famitsu earlier this week. But it turns out Matsuno isn't physically moving anywhere.

Matsuno made formal announcement of the move via Twitter today. "Good evening," said Matsuno. "I'm sure many already know, but I've become an employee of Level-5. Details are in an article in this today's Famitsu."

You can read a summary of those details here.

Level-5 is headquartered in Fukuoka far to Japan's south, but Matsuno says that he will continue to be based in Tokyo. He'll be working out of Level-5's Shinagawa office.

The game he's working on, he said, is a small title. If likened to a novel, it would be like a short story.

Matsuno managed to make a "job change" joke, saying that he's had a job change from a home security officer to a general worker.

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