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New Tales of Xillia Trailer Next Week!

Plus, the latest details from the official site.


Sounds like we've got another marketing tool here: a teaser announcement for a trailer. A couple of months back, Namco Bandai announced the impending arrival of two new Tales of Xillia trailers. They're doing it again. Visit the Xillia official site, and you'll see notice of a July 8 release for a third tailer.

There are no details about what exactly will be shown in the trailer, but you may want to visit the official site as there is a bit of footage in the background of the notice page.

Also at the official site are new sections about two of the game's most recent gameplay reveals: Random Treasure and Shop Build.

Random Treasure are items that exist on the map, but not in treasure boxes. These are placed around the field at random, and the items themselves are also randomized.

Shop Build lets you place equipment, item and cooking shops in your guild. You can use this shop to develop new items. Shops have a level, and when this rises, you gain the ability to stock new items.

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