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Yuji Naka's Fishing Game Detailed

Sonic creator's studio is working on a unique new fishing game for Namco Bandai.

If Yuji Naka were still at Sega, this would have been a Sonic and Mario crossover fishing game.

There was some talk a few weeks back about Sonic and Nights creator Yuji Naka making a fishing game. Famitsu.com has a full look at the game today complete with a message from Naka himself.

Family Fishing is a Wii fishing title that's being developed by Yuji Naka's Prope studio and will be published by Namco Bandai on August 4. The game will be released software only at ¥5,040 and bundled with a fishing controller for ¥6,090. You can play the game without the fishing controller, of course.

There's more to Family Fishing than just fishing. Set on a resort island, you're free to explore the island, even using vehicles for transportation. You can run about collecting items, or take part in one of 20 mini games. The island has a message board where you'll be able to take on a variety of challenges. Adding variety to the exploration component is a time cycle which brings about background changes as you explore.

For the fishing part, you'll be able to exchange fish for points to purchase new tools. You can fish in some 15 locations, including the sea, rivers and lakes. As you advance in the game, new areas will come unlocked.

One of your goals is to build up an aquarium by collecting fish. You can expand this aquarium to earn money. You'll also be able to brag about your fishing skills to other players through a Wi-Fi Connection mode called Big Size Online Ranking.

The special fishing controller.

Prope and Namco Bandai are packing Family Fishing with lots of content. You'll find over 1,000 items, ranging from clothing for your characters to actual fishing-related items. You'll find over 200 fish types, including octopuses and penguins.

So why is Yuji Naka making a fishing game? Naka delivered a message to Famitsu.com, but didn't explain why the sudden interest in a vastly different genre from what we're used to seeing. Instead, he noted that Prope is designing the game around a concept that is different from past fishing games. The game is set on a dream island where people who love to fish gather. You play as a traveler who's come to the island. You'll be able to take part in a variety of resort-style activities, including cruising, a submarine tour, and kayaking, said Naka.

You can see a first trailer for the game here:

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