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Grand Knights History Gameplay Movies: Day 1 of 10

Plus, guess what former Hudson superstar is showing up at the game's demo event?


Can't get enough of VanillaWare? Well, you're going to be getting a whole lot of VanilliaWare over the coming days. Marvelous Entertainment has kicked off a new promotion Grand Knights History, and the upshot is ten gameplay movies!

The first video, shown below, is titled "Sphereal Battle." This is the name of the game's battle system. One look at the video and you should understand why.

All the videos will be posted at the official site. Marvelous says the videos will be released consecutively. It's unclear if this means we'll get a new one every day for the next 10 days, but you may want to check the page daily anyway.

Each video ends with a character. Piece all these characters together, and you'll get a keyword which can be input into a form at the official site (the form is not yet accessible) to get your name down to win a shikishi signed by the game's voice cast.

In other Grand Knights History news, Marvelous will be holding a special demo event for bloggers on July 16, and guess who will be in attendance?

That's right, it's former Hudson super star Takahashi Meijin! It's not clear what he'll be doing there, but MMV is promising a digest video following the event so we should get to see it first hand!

For details on how to take part, visit the official site.

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