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Namco's Monkey School Girl Stripping Game Gets a Manga


I was surprised to find that Namco Bandai had created a Twitter account just for Dancing Eyes, the PlayStation 3 game where you control a tiny monkey who must chop off a girl's clothes piece by piece.

I was even more surprised when I found out what was on that Twitter: a Dancing Eyes manga!

In the first installment of Hop Step Dancing, we see Musaki, an energetic high school girl who loves to dance and has a good premonition for the day. "Perhaps I'll meet that special man," she says.

And then suddenly...

We won't know for sure until the next page, but I think this is when the monkeys start climbing on her and eating away at her clothes... just like in this video (ignore the monkey at the beginning).

The Twitter feed will be updated daily with a new page from the manga.

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