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Guess who taught Shigeru Miyamoto English?

Bits from the Iwata Asks column for Star Fox 64 3D.


Opposite Shigeru Miyamoto in the above pic is Dylan Cuthbert, president of Kyoto-based Q Games. Most initially encountered Cuthbert's name with the original Star Fox, on which he served as a programmer.

Cuthbert and a few Nintendo Japan staff members are featured in the Iwata Asks column about the next big first party 3DS title, Star Fox 64 3D. Cuthbert is serving as director on the remake.

Throughout the first part of the column, Cuthbert recalled how he first joined the Nintendo family. He came to Japan when he was 18, first to demonstrate a 3D Game Boy engine. Nintendo's staff was so impressed by the demo that Cuthbert found himself surrounded by 30 people who'd crowded into the meeting room in Nintendo's Kyoto main office to see.

At the time, Cuthbert didn't speak any Japanese. However, for the flight home, he picked up a Japanese language book and began studying. The next time he came to Japan, this time to work at Nintendo, he was able to write Japanese hiragana alphabetic characters.

He and Miyamoto began doing language exchange, where Miyamoto would teach him Japanese while he taught Miyamoto English, Miyamoto speaking English and Cuthbert speaking Japanese. Miyamoto apparently had trouble in particular with his use of prepositions.

There's quite a bit more in the interview, in addition to bits about Star Fox 2 (which Yusuke Amano, who served as a coordinator between Nintendo and Q Games on SF643D's development, apparently hadn't heard of prior to the column). For non-Japanese speakers, Nintendo will presumably have a full English translation at the Iwata Asks portal closer to the international release.

Star Fox fans should also be sure and visit the Star Fox 64 3D official site for new videos and commercials.

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