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PlayStation 3 DVR Torne Gets Major Update

Interface with Sony's Blu-ray recorders and portable devices.

Sony continues to make improvements to its PlayStation 3 DVR.

Sony will be giving its PlayStation 3 digital video recorder attachment Torne a major update on July 7. The Version 3.0 update adds over 20 features.

Different from past updates, this one is a mix of free and paid features. Paid features include Reco x Torne, connectivity for additional devices, and design themes.

Reco x Torne allows Torne users to use the Torne interface to control a Sony Blu-ray recorder that's in another room. Torne can then be used to schedule recordings on the Blu-ray recorder and also view programs that were recorded on the Blu-ray recorder. This feature will be priced ¥1,800. One reason a Torne user may want to use this feature is because Torne only has access to terrestrial digital broadcasts while Sony's Blu-ray recorders have access to satellite and cable.

The new device connectivity options allow for programs to be copied to Sony's Walkman and nav-u personal navigation system products. Each option will cost ¥500. Previously, Torne could only output videos to PlayStation Portable.

The design themes change the Torne interface's design, background music, sound effects and other effects. Initially, Torne Black and Rocket Toy Toy will be available, each priced ¥500.

Free features include the following:

  • Auto power off to turn off PS3's power once video writing is done
  • Write video to Memory Stick through Sony's memory card readers
  • More advanced remote play allowing you to connect through the internet to view the Torne programming chart and set recording times
  • Improvements to programming guide
  • Improvements to program search
  • Improved playback features and playback performance
  • Updated Twitter support, with streaming API support to allow for real time Tweets to be shown

The full list of free features can be seen at Sony's announcement page (Japanese).

A previous update shows Torne's Twitter interface.

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